You can donate up to $1600 to your local riding association.

You will receive a tax receipt of up to 75 percent of your first $400 of donation, followed by 50 percent of any amount between $400 and $750 and 33.5 percent of amounts over $750. The maximum amount of the credit is capped at $650.

   Donation            Rebate             Net Donation

$400                   $300                 $100

$750                   $475                 $275

$1275                 $650                 $625

      $1600                 $650                 $950      

To donate by mail, please send a personal cheque (no corporate cheques) payable to:

Markham Thornhill Conservative Association 

Donate by email to:       

Markham Thornhill Conservative Association
6-175 West Beaver Creek Rd.
Richmond Hill ON  L4B 3M1