About our Riding

Welcome to the Markham-Thornhill Conservative Association. We are a group of everyday citizens concerned about the future of our community and direction of our country. We come from all walks of life and from all areas of the world. We embrace our differences and respect our traditions, and believe that Canada is the greater sum of strong parts. We have a common desire to see that our generation and the next have fair opportunities for a better life and that those, through no fault of their own, who need a hand, receive it.

We believe in a balance between fiscal responsibility, compassionate social policy that empowers the less fortunate by promotion self-reliance and equality of opportunity, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals, families and free associations.

We believe that the purpose of Canada as a nation state and its government, guided by reflective and prudent leadership, is to create a climate wherein individual initiative is rewarded, excellence is pursued, security and privacy of the individual is provided and prosperity is guaranteed by a free competitive market economy.

We believe that good and responsible government is attentive to the people it represents and consists of members who at all times conduct themselves in an ethical manner and display integrity, honesty and concern for the best interest of all.

We also want to hear from you, and engage in meaningful conversation to continue to grow and welcome everyone who shares these principles. We invite you to contact us through this website on issues that are important to you and to sign up for regular communications.

Boundaries Description

Consisting of that part of the Regional Municipality of York comprised of that part of the Town of Markham described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the southerly limit of said town with Bayview Avenue; thence generally northerly along said avenue to Highway No. 407; thence easterly along said highway to the Rouge River; thence generally southeasterly along said river to the southerly limit of said town; thence westerly along said limit to the point of commencement.